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Our Green Initiatives

Decorine is proud to support Brands like VS & Co, H&M, Zara who have raised their sustainability expectations thus promoting our continued efforts to become more sustainable

Starting in 2015, we have progressively reached our goals of converting our facilities to be more environmentally conscious and by 2021, we are able to produce any of our laces recycle nylon.

In 2022, we joined sustainability programs and organizations like the VS Carbon Leadership Program and organizations below.

Sustainability Organzations

For 2023, we excited to share with you, our progress and challenges in our sustainability journey below:

Resource Conservation

We have made investments in new dyeing pots (Italian Bazzoli Innoecology dyeing machine)  in order to conserve water use - Tradition dyeing pot water use is 1:16 while new dyeing pot water use 1:4 

All our dyeing pots are also coated for insulation

Energy and Resource Conservation

Implemented new technique: "Bianco Washing" to shorten washing process to reduce water and energy consumption

Facility Improvements

Photovoltaic power generator on the roof of knitting house and dyeing house

Facility Improvements

Main equipment and auxiliary equipment are installed with frequency conversion control    

Facility Improvements

Steam piping and valve insulation    

Facility Improvements

Exhaust gas treatment and waste heat recovery of setting machine

Environmental Consciousness
Steam condensation is reused, by cooling water which is then reclaimed as recycled water - Reclaimed water reuse > 50%

Environmental Consciousness

Wastewater separation and separation treatment - Waste water is separated by High concentration & Low concentration before treatment

Future Plans

Eliminate boiler use and replace with Low Pressure Stream for dyeing and setting machine


- 20% cost increase from replacing coal with steam for boiler

- Although we were able reduce our Carbon Emissions by 6% in 2022 from the previous year, it is very difficult to achieve "Peak Carbon Dioxide Emissions" & "Carbon Neutral"  within the year.

As we move forward, we hope to continue to improve our production facilities and process towards greater sustainability by 2030.

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